About Us

Dissident Right (@adissidentright) is a web magazine devoted to alternative commentary on a wide range of societal issues. We publish original work primarily focused on the topics of Culture, Ideology, Ethnicity/Race/Identity, Religion, and Politics (particularly on keystone issues such as immigration and geopolitics).

Dissident Right is of the Alternative Right vanguard, a new (but quickly growing) vein of the Intellectual Right. The Alternative Right is not your grandmother’s Conservatism; the priorities of those on the emergent AltRight differ significantly from Conservative doctrine, and at times, the positions held by those on the AltRight do not resemble traditional Conservatism at all. This is exacerbated by the fact that the AltRight is such a new movement, we are within the “Reactionary” phase of the movement and still working towards becoming something that isn’t defined purely by what we are against.

We here at Dissident Right, alongside the larger “Alternative Right”, reject the Old Right’s position within the Liberal Order as a mere retardant to the Progressive Left. We fundamentally reject Liberalism, Egalitarianism, and Universalism outright. We prefer to view the world as the world is, not how we may wish it to be. Nature and its evolutionary processes does not create all things equal, and we recognize this, accept it, and embrace it. Differences between people manifest individually and within groups and sub-groups, and to deny that a natural hierarchy amongst people exists is to intentionally blind oneself.

Discussion and commentary on a topic is not necessarily endorsement. Article submissions are accepted at: thedissidentright@gmail.com.