Joss Whedon’s Religious War

This article was assembled primarily from the linked Twitter thread. It echoes many of my own thoughts and describes several issues that I have noticed in regards to modern media messaging, in the role of Christianity & Jesus’s sacrifice for Western civilization, and about the role of Hollywood as our secular religion’s priest caste.

I have edited it for style, added in additional commentary, and modified the original tweet thread for article format.

I hate Firefly. I’ve tried numerous times to watch it and I just can’t seem to get into the show. There’s something…unsettling…about it. I also deeply disliked the first Avengers movie. There was a philosophy at work in that movie that I just couldn’t pinpoint. Doctor Horrible shed some light for me, but it was Cabin in the Woods that made me see what Joss Whedon’s philosophy was and what he was doing, and why I hate his movies.

For the uninitiated, Cabin in the Woods is about a cheerleader, jock, stoner, and virgin who go on a free weekend to a…you guessed it, cabin in the woods. While there, bad things start happening and they begin to be chased and murdered. They try to escape but find themselves trapped, unable to escape their plight. The stoner and the virgin (or was it the cheerleader? It’s been a while.) stumble upon an odd trapdoor, which leads them to discover a panoply of monsters, spirits, and all sorts of dark things. They eventually find themselves in a main chamber of the building where the truth of the whole complex is revealed to them. It’s a deeply religious moment; the unveiling of truth is a common religious theme, and is a Christian concept at the least.