White Flight as Exit

Within the Dark Enlightenment, there is a concept known as “Exit” – leaving a society for another, or leaving in order to create your own elsewhere. This is not a new idea, as we have been practicing it for centuries. The very existence of America as a singular entity and not as a patchwork of nomadic Indian tribes stands as a monument to the Exit option. Those who first fled from Europe to America in order to live life according to how they see fit were engaging in Exit, and they are not the first.

Today, in the absence of available, unclaimed land for which to stake a claim to, Exit is approximated by many Europeans & European-Americans in another form: “White Flight“.

White flight is a term originating in the United States and is applied to the large-scale migration of people of various European ancestries from racially mixed urban regions to more racially homogeneous suburban or exurban regions.

Oftentimes, in the collective furor to repent of Equalitarian sins commited in the past, Europeans & European-Americans (hereafter referred to collectively as “White”) would be subjected to large-scale, engineered injections of diversity into their neighborhoods, schools, and places of employment. This was largely an effort to

  1. Rectify previous “sins”
  2. Break down the strong communal ties of homogeneous communities

By reducing communal trust and hurting social capital, one can restrain in-group consciousness by promoting asymmetrical multiculturalism, the process by where you encourage all groups except for the majority to assert their ethnic and cultural preferences. This reduces the threat of a separatist uprising by forcing communal dilution via implanted diversity, and diminishes any major threat of balkanization. America has already nearly broken apart due to similar issues; it’s not unreasonable for the managerial class running both the EU and America to hedge against this particular risk.

Because of these actions, and the inevitable consequences of multiracial communities (increased crime, decreased school performance, decreased property value, decreased communal interaction, etc), Whites increasingly chose their method of reaction to be Exit. White flight from mostly urban areas to suburban and rural areas caused a massive shift in urban planning, and increased infrastructure costs and personal costs significantly in order to flee these deteriorating regions for greener pastures. This was a small reprieve, but could not last; the Eye of Sauron eventually turned its gaze upon suburbia, and as it is wont to do, determined that any difference in outcome must be rectified. If we can’t all live in Utopia, we can all live in the same slum; Liberalism is the ideology of the global ghetto, after all. Asymmetrical multiculturalism was once again be employed, and targeted doses of diversity were deployed to these new homogeneous communities. For instance, the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) turned their attention to this “problem” and assisted those now urban communities in moving from their urban environment to suburbia. Today, HUD is building a database of national neighborhood diversity statistics in order to help it more efficiently track and crack down on concentrated regions of homogeneity.

Humans are tribal creatures, this cannot be escaped. Communism is an evil ideology because, among other things, it ignored the realities of the human condition. Equalitarianism, the name I’ve given the secular progressive proto-religion based in Liberalism, is evil for the same reason. It views humans as mere interchangeable widgets for a world economy, amorphous blobs of matter good for extracting value. For all of its rhetoric on encouraging diversity, the monoculture of the “international community” created via American cultural imperialism is no mistake, but merely the true manner in which it destroys that which is unique. It is the height of arrogance to think that one can continually engineer societies in manners that stand in opposition to human nature, but arrogance is one of the prime sins of the Equalitarian. Long ago, Maslow showed that humans have varied “levels” of needs. Security, safety, family, and community are all human needs that are quite integral to us. As tribal creatures, when placed in societies that does not meet our mental model of who we belong with, we retreat into those places where we feel most safe – our homes. If the living conditions become unbearable for the person in this situation, we will look to move to an area where those base needs can be met in organic ways, i.e., living amongst those you deem your tribe.

I think that the phenomenon of Exit, and most recently, White Flight, shows our collective preference for non-violent removal from broken communities. We seem to prefer to simply move away, first into suburbia, and now even further into rural regions…but until when? Where will Whites flee when the world is hostile to their interests? There is no Israel for me; I have no right of return to a homeland. Even worse, the dominant Leftist ideology, including the idea of asymmetrical multiculturalism, has made even considering these questions strictly verboten.

One must remember that the most dangerous animal is one backed into a corner. The history of European brutality is long and spectacularly bloody. Is that spirit truly something the world wishes to revive? Without the option for peaceful exit, I cannot see a peaceful resolution. I’m afraid that if the civic nationalists don’t take over and let society practice freedom of association so that natural preferences can be expressed peacefully, the ultra-nationalists will; and both Europe and America will return to “Europe” and “America”, one way or another.