Liberal Apologetics

As of late, a new term has been in vogue amongst the Liberal intelligentsia and is being parroted en masse by “moderate” Liberals: the “Regressive Left“. This terminology serves primarily as a signaling mechanism against the more extreme forms of identity politics being employed by Liberals. The rationalization behind those employing this term is that the demands of the Left, particularly with regards to racial, sexual, and gender demands, are becoming too extreme. This behavior is beginning to alienate moderates (typically White liberals, centrists and conservatives)  who are beginning to become uncomfortable by being consistently and intentionally demonized. Additionally, it is also working extremely well in radicalizing some Moderate and Right-wing Whites and pushing them towards the Alt-Right/Reactosphere.

It is precisely this alienation of moderate and centrist Whites, who still make up the core of the American society and electorate, that is the impetus for this form of Liberal apologetics. The time has not yet come for a complete takeover of the Left by racial, sexual, and gender minorities; unfortunately for progressives, America is still a White nation, and in order to have systemic power they (for now) rely on sympathetic Leftist and centrist Whites to implement and enforce their policy and social goals. While society has marched Leftward for over a century, the Liberal movement has only fairly recently begun to explicitly employ identity politics. They are quickly learning a tough lesson about diversity that we in the Alt-Right are acutely aware of: that the power of their coalition of the fringes precariously rests on the White guilt of those who still remain in their cause. If they alienate that segment too quickly, their guilt reserves will dry up and they will lose most of them as allies. Thus, we see the requirement for Leftist apologetics. This type of damage control wouldn’t normally be necessary for Leftists under a Leftist government in a Leftist society, and their hand is only being forced by a few people and movements that are starting to fight back from the Right. This has primarily been in the form of the Trump phenomenon and the coalescing of people around his brand.

Trump is almost reminiscent of a mirrored windowpane; his speeches, choice of words, and policies allow many of us to project onto him our unspoken hopes and ideals, and to see in him the outcomes we desire. White Nationalists see the beginning stirrings of a White consciousness in America, where ethnic strife between Europeans have disappeared and Europeans are only seen as White by non-Whites and are, at times, targeted for that. Middle-of-the-road patriotic centrists see in him a civic nationalism aimed at mending the increasingly wide divide found in our multiracial Empire, forming a common bond as “Americans”. These are the people who still believe in the idea of the “Citizen” and think that America has always been a “proposition nation”. They believe we should all be loyal to the Nation, and that this type of camaraderie will enable us to overcome the struggles and strife of a multiracial, degenerative society. Yet others, both Liberals and (some) Conservatives alike, see in him a revival of the Leader who helped awaken the Germanic spirit, and governed over Germany’s rise to prominence after the devastating effects of WWI. These people expect to see the rise of an authoritative state and the removal of undesirable minorities from America under a Trump administration, much like Germany under the National Socialist party. Trump is a looking-glass for both our fears and our hopes, which is why he is such a polarizing figure. It also explains why his name has been invoked as a rallying cry in situations where it barely makes sense; it’s oftentimes the only thing holding us together. Take, for instance, the speech by Milo Yiannopoulos at Rutgers University, where feminists protested his speech by smearing fake blood on themselves and attempted to disrupt the speech. Yet something interesting happened; students in attendance started chanting “Trump! Trump! Trump!“, until the feminist protesters dissipated. The question I have is Why? Why would this strange assortment of students who came to see a right-wing homosexual provocateur use chants of “Trump!” to shut down these attention seeking feminists? I think the answer is two-fold:

  1. He represents a rejection of the extremities of Liberalism, and the societal rot it brings
  2. It’s the only thing currently holding our coalition together. For many of us, our ideological differences are still viewed as too different to band together.

This has also been seen not only in America, but in Europe, where protesters of the Muslim invasion of Europe invoke Trump’s name in chant and plaster his face on posters that seem to vindicate his statements. He’s probably the largest public figure seen fighting against Liberalism, and he isn’t even doing that! He’s fighting its excesses, but not Liberalism itself. We see in him a powerful ally.

Trump’s emergence at this particular point in time is also serving as a catalyst for the second major thing fighting Liberalism, succinctly summed up as the Alt-Right. Taken literally, the Alt-Right is a term used to refer to anyone with belief systems that find itself outside of the Neoconservative American norm, from Paleoconservatives to Reactionaries to Fascists. The Alt-Right is, in many ways, its own coalition of the fringes. We are united in a few aspects that we deem more important than pure ideological agreement, and we are growing at a speed that I never thought possible. This scares both the Left and the mainstream Right. The fact that there is emerging a Right-wing that is willing to fight back, that there exists an actual Alternative, is a scary prospect. Even scarier is the fact that we are growing in number and influence at impressive rates. Not only are we no longer an internet movement relegated to forum boards that few read, we are now receiving mainstream coverage and half-baked “rebuttals” daily in publications that reach millions of readers. We’ve arrived.

It’s forces like the Trump movement and the emergence of the Alt-Right as a legitimate political force that has begun to force the Left’s hand in attempting, even if in nothing more than rhetoric, to moderate and tone-police itself. This is more than the Conservative movement has done since I’ve even been alive, and it represents a small victory in the culture wars that Buchanan predicted. Simply forcing Liberals to engage in a form of apologetics is more powerful than I think many of us realize. We’ve established boundaries, and forced them to admit a strategic weakness – that they still need White allies and can’t afford to continue alienating non-cucked Whites.

At this point, we must attack this chink in their armor. We need to find progressives engaging in more extreme forms of identity politics, and we need to amplify the reach of these situations in the media. We must force these situations into the light, and make the populace watch. When encountering people online who are discussing the “Regressives” or the “Regressive Left”, we must make sure to force the conversation towards acknowledgement that Liberalism in a multiracial society inevitably moves toward racial grievance politics and cannot end in any other way. This is the natural outcome of Liberalism in a multiracial society. Humans are tribal, and we will never overcome that instinct. We must force people to hear that argument, and must convince moderate and centrist Whites that in a progressive future, it is your children that are going to be the ones who are oppressed – just ask South Africa.

EDIT: Lawrence Murray also wrote an article on the Regressive Left over at TRS today that noticed many of the same things I did. Here’s that link, if you’re interested.