American Conservatism’s Implicit White Supremacy

Within the American political machine, Conservatives often find themselves subject to a hilarious number of accusations by the Left of “racism” or of being receptive or transmissive of “racist rhetoric”. Anything remotely or tangentially involving race, ethnicity, and even religion, sparks accusations of hidden racism and outright hostility towards those who are of the various shades of brown.

This is so pervasive and institutionalized that in the pre-Trump time period, American Conservatives wouldn’t even conceive of taking a hardline stance on immigration. This is primarily because most of the people entering America since the 1965 Immigration act was passed are from the various “minority groups”, many of whom hail from third world countries (and subsequently, bring with them their third world culture). If it were not for Mr. Trump being massively influenced by Ann Coulter’s book “Adios, America!”, simply enforcing existing laws such as building a wall and deporting those here illegally wouldn’t even be on the table. Without him and his Will to Power, Republicans would be debating about whether illegal aliens should wait 6 months or a year before being granted citizenship, full voting rights, social assistance help, etc.

In employing these accusations, the Left has discovered an immensely powerful tool for attacking the Right. Because of the constant usage and natural voter base of the Republican Party, those accusations have stuck within the American psyche and have created a connotation that can hardly be shaken in the eyes of many. Conservative politicians and political pundits routinely go out of their way to clarify that they hold their ideas not because of racism, but because of some other reasoning. Routinely, they will decline to even discuss topics related to race; like the dog who knows they shouldn’t have taken a shit on the carpet, they’ll turn their noses from their inquisitive Leftist masters’ gaze and refuse to engage. Some eventually even accept and trumpet Liberal beliefs and policies in order to quell accusations of racism and to pander to those minority communities. Jeb Bush is a prime example of this type of behavior.

The consistent capitulation of the Right to the Left, and the abandonment of policies favored by the base for those benefiting minorities, has led to a revolt amongst the self-styled “AltRight” against the Republican establishment. This past summer, this dissident right (from which I took the name for this publication) catapulted itself into the public sphere and demonstrated its mastery of the Internet by the creation of the “Cuckservative” moniker. This creative meme, a portmanteau of “Cuckold” and “Conservative,” evokes a visceral reaction from those politicians and pundits who have earned the ire of those who feel betrayed by an elite the AltRight and the Conservative base view as compromised. The racial demographics and politics of America are rapidly shifting, and the AltRight as an collective identity movement for the European American base appears to be galvanizing around this purging of the “cuckolded” GOP elite.

Yet despite the claims of both the Left and the AltRight on the racial viewpoints of mainstream Conservatives, most appear to have little to no racial animus for non-Whites, nor do they appear to even utilize race as a filter through which they see the world. In truth, most mainstream Conservatives appear to believe explicitly in Liberalism’s fundamental concept of equality, and tend to reject most forms of biological and cultural identity (save for sex – most are still fighting the transgenderism battle). Conservatives, for example, believe in a modified form of John Derbyshire’s “Magic Dirt” theory – that if an immigrant comes to America, they can fully become an American if they try hard enough. The immigrant needs only to shed their allegiances to their homeland and embrace “American values” to be a successful immigrant; however, the discussion of what actually constitutes “an American” never occurs, neither in terms of cultural and values nor in terms of American ethnic and racial identity.

The Republican position on this question has been influenced immensely by the “Respectability Doctrine”, pushed by old-school GOP establishment mainstays such as George Will and echoed by members of the Left in politics and the media. The idea that immigrants might not assimilate into the American machine barely ever crosses their mind, much less the idea that many immigrants wish to “fundamentally transform” the face, culture, and politics of America. As discussed in our previous article “Conservatism’s Existential Crisis”,

It’s easy to see that every non-White ethnic group is either trending towards the Left at various rates or are already overwhelmingly represented there.

The people migrating since the Immigration Act of 1965 overwhelmingly hold strong positive feelings for the nations they have migrated from (as evidenced firmly by the widespread Hispanic Supremacist movement, “La Raza”) and also bring the political positions that caused them to flee those nations with them. Look at the governments of South and Central America –  do they resemble the American ideal in any meaningful form? Neither do the cultural practices of many who immigrate here, particularly those from Africa and the Middle East, and yet we are actively importing people that come from these populations into our society at an alarming rate.

To the mainstream Conservative idealist, this does not represent a problem. Judging by the discussions that politicians and political analysts have over “the important issues”, you would think that the only thing preventing migrants from these third world nations from assimilating are high capital gains taxes and an unchecked regulatory environment on businesses with a high number of potential environmental concerns.

Many conservatives seem to have an innate sense of who they believe represents the “ideal” person. I believe it can best be described as someone from their base – an educated White Christian. If only these migrants had an education, they would be just like us! If only they were told that female genital mutilation and ritualized rape was wrong, they would be just like us! If only they were given a job, they wouldn’t commit assaults, rapes, and murders at massively increased rates over the White base rate! If only we had strong institutions to help them assimilate, they will realize the superiority of American culture – eating bacon, watching Miley Cyrus twerk on a wrecking ball, Monday Night Football, and pretending we are good, moral people every Sunday morning while participating in religious ceremonies we barely believe in. They are just like us, they just need more money for their social programs!

Within that view (which is often shared by the Left) is an implicit assumption that the American populace, primarily the White base, has opinions and cultural mores that are superior to the immigrant’s way of life. Most of them believe that every type of person around the world will be just like their European Christian assumed identity, but only if we cut taxes enough and remove those mean-spirited regulatory burdens. Those Somalians will be perfect White people, but only if we just cut capital gains tax rates, remove the estate tax, and stand strong with Israel! The American Conservative view reflects an innate sense of the superiority of the Western world’s way of life, and reflects an implicit White Supremacy that sits at odds with their rejection of racial and ethnic identity as sources of conflict within the nation.

This isn’t a new development. America has been dealing with this issue for decades now, as increased non-European immigration has been a concern of the Conservative base for 30+ years without the GOP establishment doing anything to address those concerns. Middle America knows a truth that the GOP idealists refuse to acknowledge, or at least, refuse to engage – that those coming to the US differ radically from the American populace, and that an exposure to education, social housing, welfare, and job programs is doing nothing to change that. It has gotten to the point where the Islamic terror group ISIS is actively recruiting in Minnesota amongst the Somali diaspora that the Federal Government set up in the northern state. They have found a willing recipient there due to their propensity to identify more with the Islamic “struggle” than with the nation that has allowed them entry, given them housing, provided welfare, offered job opportunities, and has given them a life they could only dream of having before leaving Somalia.

Many Conservatives refuse to entertain the idea that nations are the summation of their people, and that the state of nations are dependent upon the quality of the people that form that nation. In what way does a large Somalian enclave benefit Minnesota? In what way is it “Conservative” to replace the European base with Hispanics, Arabs, and Africans? How does the demographic replacement of America register as a “Conservative” value? Do you think that Hispanics who overwhelmingly voted for Socialistic governments in Central & South America will be interested in your plan for a small government, low taxes, and no social welfare spending? Will Arabs be interested in preserving religious freedom for Americans? How do you think they’ll handle that pesky First Amendment? Will these groups be in favor of lax gun laws? Say goodbye to the 2nd Amendment – support for it drops as America’s “minority” demographics rises.

The point here is that the people coming to America are not the same as the people who built the nation. People, while loving to pretend that they are “individuals”, oftentimes conform more to their identity groups than they realize or admit. The people who have already came here, and who are still coming here, are radically different in social & political views, intelligence, culture, and race. Diversity isn’t our strength; diversity is inherently divisive. As America loses its high-trust society and continues to experience high rates of interracial crime, social cohesion will continue to break down, community trust will only further deteriorate into nothingness, and we will either retreat into the safety of our immediate families and homes, or the US will balkanize.